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welcome to art base alpha!

Years ago the intergalactic space cruiser Yúlroney crash landed in beautiful coastal Maine. Compelled to assimilate into society until the proper alloys can be synthesized, a shielded base was constructed where a design team works in secret.

Our designation: AGblend13.

We reclaim and upcycle aluminum and steel sheet metal. Each piece of metal is carefully cleaned, trimmed, and manually hemmed. Some are hand hammered in custom forms for dimension and rigidity, while others we keep flat for a contemporary take on the artists' canvas. Every finished art piece is hand painted and entirely one of a kind.

the team


Lead artist and designer at AGblend13. Intergalactic mistress of mystery and irredeemable lover of cats.


Metal artist and fabricator. Spawned in the seas of Yesrejwen and inventor of the Tilbrook cookie.

making weird friends through weirder art

making weird friends through weirder art ☻